Stop my wheelie bin from blowing over!


Remember a Walrus Bracket is for life.

Bin There! Done That.

Built to last


Hot-dip galvanising means The Walrus will last for years. CLICK HERE to see how long. This long-life coating also protects your wall or fence from rusty marks and streaks.

Walter The Walrus


Join hundreds of other satisfied customers. Only £15.00 + p&p. Buy up to 4 for the same p&p. Delivery by Post Office Parcels covering all of the UK. From Unst to St Agnes, Lewis to Lowestoft, Fermanagh to St Helier. Post Office won't charge extra for delivery.

Made In Shetland, UK


Wind blown wheelie bins means plastic in our oceans. Make sure your recycle bin stays secure with a Walrus Bracket.

There are three sizes of Walrus


12.5 cm gap between the 'tusks'. This will fit almost any household wheelie bin. The Buy Now links below are each for one Walrus Bracket. Item ID: W125


1 cm between 'tusks' for bins with one long handle and a central strengthening web - like the ones in the photos above. This narrow Walrus Bracket takes a better hold of these bins. Item ID: W10


16 cm between 'tusks' for larger bins used by businesses and public amenities, such as village halls, clubs, pubs etc. These use more material and are 10% dearer. Item ID: W160


We use Royal Mail, so if you have a UK Post Code delivery is standard. No extra charges for remote or so-called 'Offshore' locations. P&P will be £3.45 on all bundles available.


Walrus Wheelie Bin Bracket (W125)


(£3.45 shipping)

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One standard Walrus Bracket (W125) for bins with two handles and a gap between them. This straddles the gap, keeping bin secure.


Narrow Walrus Bracket (W10)


(£3.45 shipping)

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For bins with one long handle. Takes a better hold making bin more secure.


One LARGE Walrus Bracket (W160) for bigger, commercial bins


(£3.45 shipping)

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For bins used by pubs, clubs, halls etc. Again the bracket straddles the handles. 

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Download and print an order form. Send it with a cheque or Postal Order

Download the Walrus Measurer

A printable (pdf) A4 page to compare available Walrus Bracket sizes with your bin. This ensures you order the correct Walrus for the job.